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Generic system for skills and difficulty levels

In this blog, to describe a character, monster, adventure, etc., a generic system with an easy equivalence to other systems is used. In this systems, characters and monsters have 5 levels of skill, corresponding with the five basics levels of … Continue reading

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Medieval Economy: Revision of Bibliography

Objectives The aim of this analysis is to find clues to create a system for building a medieval society. This system has to link the kingdoms macroeconomy with the characters microeconomy. To achieve this objective, we have analyzed several information … Continue reading

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Magic, religion, technology and society

In this post we want to focus mostly on magic and religion, and how these elements must go hand in hand with the technological level of the campaign and the kind of society in which it develops. These four elements … Continue reading

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Writing an introduction for our campaign scenario

In this post we want to give a guide to create the campaign scenario introduction. The function of the introduction is to give a quick overview of your scenario to a probably interested game master. You will quickly show what … Continue reading

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The structure of campaign settings

There are a number of common features found in the campaign settings, that I could call deficiences. I’ll discuss three of these defects and propose an improvement for each one. Partial maps: it is common in campaign maps to see … Continue reading

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