This is the blog about live RPGs by Jason Trobanoms. My experience in the world of roleplaying began with Dungeons and Dragons, and over the years has continued with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd ed., and a little into Paranoia, World of Darkness (Vampire , Mage , Werewolf) , Rolemaster , Star Wars , Star Trek, D20 and GURPS . Currently I’m playing my own system: FIVE The Roleplaying Game.

My intention in this blog is to give tools to other GMs , especially those working to build their own campaigns. In order to achieve this, I propose the following guidelines:

  • Entries must be practical , and should be easy to apply in other campaigns.
  • The statements we make in entries must be based on my own experience, or must be based on some analysis of the literature .
  • Entries must be short. Where possible, they should take a maximum of the equivalent of one page (about 400 words). If necessary, I will divide the topics in several entries.
  • The concepts should be clarified , whenever possible, with explanatory graphics, but I will avoid the images just “to make it nice.”
  • While we will make references to the FIVE system, entries must be as usable as possible for any other system.
  • Finally , we will give priority to quality over quantity, and posts will always focus on the subject of interest of this blog, avoiding digressions and personal reflections on other topics.

If you wish to contact us , we have an email account (trobanoms@gmail.com) and a twitter account (@trobanoms ), and a delicious account where we keep interesting addresses about RPGs (http://www.delicious.com/trobanoms ).

All self-created material published in this blog has a Creative Commons – Attribution license (CC BY) . The header image is an old picture of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!


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