Houses of Laplana: Murgonal, Vavassor of Mir

In this post one of the noble houses of the earldom of Mir is described: the house of Murgonal.  If you want to know the tools used to create a noble house, read the entry about how to create a noble house.

  • Feudal Rank: Vavassor of Mir.
  • Lands: on the Earldom of Mir.
  • History: se fundó el 245 AR.
  • Ethnics: archaic.
  • Name: Murgonal is a naval name for a metal piece holding the sails.
  • Personality:
    • Primary: simple (low reasoning).
    • Secondary: untidy (low perfectionism), imaginative (high imagination).
  • Coat of arms: Per bend sable and or, a chief of the first (see the images below). The charge is a red sail.
  • Motto: “Always right to the horizon”.
  • Emblem: the emblem of this house is a boat sail. The Lord of Murgonal has the sail extended over his tower, and the wind shakes it when the house has a problem about to happen. People think that, if needed, the sail can be put in a boat and this will go fast over the water, with or without wind. Actually, and this is a secret only know by the Lord, there are two things people doesn’t know. First, the emblem is not the sail, but the metal pieces holding it; second, a boat with this pieces not only will move without wind, but it will fly over the air if needed. Centuries in the future, flying ships will be common, but on this age it was something very strange to see.
Murgonal Coat Of Arms

Murgonal Coat Of Arms

Colors of Murgonal Vassals

Colors of Murgonal Vassals

If the emblem is too powerful by the Director taste, it can have some limitations: it only works in case of great need, and only leads where the emblem personalty thinks it will be helpful.


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Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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