Generic system for skills and difficulty levels

In this blog, to describe a character, monster, adventure, etc., a generic system with an easy equivalence to other systems is used. In this systems, characters and monsters have 5 levels of skill, corresponding with the five basics levels of skill.

1. Novice
2. Beginner
3. Competent
4. Proficient
5. Expert

The tasks done by the characters can be classified too in five levels:

  1. Very easy
  2. Easy
  3. Average
  4. Hard
  5. Very hard

Each level of skill and difficulty can be easily translated to other systems, although the probabilities doesn’t remain the same.

Equivalence with D20

In the D20 systems, the characters throw 1d20 adding their skill level; the task is done if the result is equal or greater than the task difficulty.

  • Novice: +2
  • Beginner: +6
  • Competent: +10
  • Proficient: +14
  • Expert: +18

The task difficulty lies between 5 and 25, with the following equivalence:

  • Very easy: 5
  • Easy: 10
  • Average: 15
  • Hard: 20
  • Very Hard: 25

Equivalence with percentile systems

In the percentile games, the characters throw a 100 sided dice (2d10). The result has to be equal or smaller than their skill level. The equivalence is the following:

  • Novice: 50%
  • Beginner: 60%
  • Competent: 70%
  • Proficient: 80%
  • Expert: 90%

The task difficulty is added or subtracted from the skill level:

  • Very easy: +40%
  • Easy: +20%
  • Average: 0
  • Hard: -20%
  • Very Hard: -40%

Equivalence with GURPS

GURPS uses 3 six-sided dice (3d6), but the mechanics are the same as in the percentile games: the character throw de dice against his own skill level, and the result has to be equal or smaller.

  • Novice: 10
  • Beginner: 12
  • Competent: 13
  • Proficient: 14
  • Expert: 16

The task difficulty modifies the character skill level:

  • Very easy: +4
  • Easy: +2
  • Average: 0
  • Hard: -2
  • Very hard: -4

Equivalence with FIVE

FIVE is a system created by myself, not published yet because I’m testing it. Is a reserve pool game: the characters throw as many dice as they have skill levels:

  • Novice: 1d10
  • Beginner: 2d10
  • Competent: 3d10
  • Proficient: 4d10
  • Expert: 5d10

The task difficulty goes from 2 to 10. At least one dice has to be equal or greater than the task difficulty to be successful.

  • Very easy: 2
  • Easy: 4
  • Average: 6
  • Hard: 8
  • Very hard: 10

Other systems

The conversion is easy to do: one has to divide the skill and difficulty level by five.

If you know other systems to be added here, leave a comment please.



About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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