Houses of Laplana: Fartís, Vavassor of Mir

In this post we will describe one of the houses of the Earldom of Mir. If you want to see the tools used to create a noble house, read the entrey about how to create a noble house.

  • Feudal Rank: Vavassor of Mir.
  • Lands: Varvassory of Fartís.
  • History: the house was founded the 224 YK, the same year of the earldom foundation.
  • Ethnics: it belongs to the archaic ethnics.
  • Name: Fartís, meaning: “Very fond of eating a certain food”.
  • Personality:
    • Primary: carefree.
    • Secondary: glutton, moody.
  • Coat of arms: Gyronny of 10 tenne and sable (see the images below).
  • Motto: “Good and abundant” (eat well and not worry about anything, according to the Catalan proverb).
  • Emblem: the Fartís emblem was a dish with unending food, excepte when was submerged in water to wash it. Only worked when used by his owner. In the ritual of succession, all the candidates had to eat from the dish: the non-chosen ones suffered an intoxication that could be mortal, but not frequently.
House of Fartís Coat of Arms

House of Fartís: “Good and Abundant”

The Lords had the same coat of arms, but without the charge:

Coat of Arms of the Lords of Fartís

Coat of Arms of the Lords of Fartís


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