The Earldom of Mir (II): Year of the King 250

In a previous post we treated the territory of the Earldom of Mir. In this post we will write about the human geography of the earldom. That is, the towns, roads, nobility, etc.

The earldom was conquered to the tantarantans (ogres, giants and harpies) the 224 YK (Year of the King), and was developing since then. We will explain three different moments: the 250, 300 and 350 YK. After this year, the earldom didn’t grow much more.


The earldom was formed by manors, head by a Lord possibly being, too, a Vavassor or the Earl.

The year 250 YK there was in the earldom of Mir 18 Lords, of which 2 were Vavassors and 1 was the Earl. The Vavassors and the Earl had a double duty, as a Lords of their manors and as administrators of a bigger territory.

To know more about manors, go to the post dedicated to the standard manor.


The Rampoina Earl had to Vavassors: Fartis and Murgonal. Rampoina had 6 Lords as a direct vassals, Fartis 5 and Murgonal 4.

Houses of the Earldom of Mir the Year of the King 250

Houses of the Earldom of Mir the Year of the King 250

In the map, the Earl and the Vavassors have bigger shields and a central “charge” (figure). The Lords didn’t have their own shield and wore the clors of their superiors.

Mapa del Comtat de Mir - Any del Rei 250

Mapa del Comtat de Mir – Any del Rei 250


The earldom had the following roads (for each road we give the year of construction, distance, construction cost and maintenance cost, the last two on pennies (d from Hârnmanor system), dollars ($ from GURPS system) and gold pieces (gp from D20 system):

  • Road from Embarcador to Pantanar: 228 AR; 13 miles; construction: 34.320d / $137.280 / 13.728 po; maintenance: 1.716d / $6.864 / 686 po.
  • Road from Mir to Embarcador: 233 AR; 17 miles; construction: 45.932d / $183.726 / 18.373 po; manteniment: 2.297d / $9.186 / 919 po.
  • Road from Mir to Infradània: 237 AR; 15 miles; construction: 39.600d / $158.400 / 15.840 po; maintenance: 1.980d / $7.920 / 792 po.
  • Road from Embarcador to Dros by the coast: 248 AR; 40 miles; construction: 105.600d / $422.400 / 42.240 po; maintenance: 5.280d / $21.120 / 2.112 po.

In the map the continuous red lines are the roads, and the dotted ones are the paths.

These were roads without pavement. These roads became of bad quality with intense rains. The cost to build the pavement was very high: a pavement of 12 inches depth was worth 605.088d / $2.420.352 / 242.035 po each mile! That’s the reason there is no date for building paved roads.

You can find the complete information about roads generation in this document: Mir_Roads.xslx (excel document).


There were two main towns in the earldom: Mir and Embarcador. The first was rebuild from the ruins of the ancient city-state.

Between the two cities the Entrepas river was navigable by small ships, but it was not to the east of Mir and to the west of Embarcador. However, the navigable part of the river was enought to make this two towns importants points of commerce.

Below we will give the date for each town: population, craftsmen and taxes collected:

  • Mir: 1.028 people; 68 crafstmen; 26 clergy; 7 guards; taxes: 11.696d / $46.784 / 4.678 gp.
  • Embarcador: 514 people; 40 crafstmen; 13 clergy; 3 guards; taxes: 6.880d / $27.520 / 2.752 gp.
  • Pantanar: didn’t belong to the earldom, but to the Entrepas swamp.

The city of Mir rebuilt the ancient fortifications of the city: stone walls 1200 meters long, 5 high and 2.5 depth, during 55 years (279 YK), and 16 square towers of stone, 5 meters each side and 15 high, during 26 years (305 YK). The total cost of the walls and towers was 403.965d / $1.615.860 / 161.586 gp, and the annual expenses of maintenace were 575d / $2.300 / 230 gp.

In the city of Embarcador new fortifications were built: wood walls, 1000 meters long, 3 high and 8 inches depth, built in 3 yeras (228 YK), and 12 wood square towers, 5 meters each side and 15 high, built in 5 years (233 YK). The total cost of the wall and towers was 26.027d / $104.108 / 10.411 gp, and the annual expenses of maintenance were 207d / $828 / 83 gp.

You can access to the complete information about city generation in this document: Mir_Cities.xslx (excel document).


The first years, the efforts of the Earl of Rampoina were centered on the assart of the terrrtory, aiming to create new manors, and on the building of new roads.

THe 250 YK the earldom occupied 59 square miles (152 km2), a 13% of the total territory (the maximum territory were 30% of the total, the rest was uninhabitable / unworkable).

The Earl received 80.000d / $320.000 / 32.000 gp yearly from his vassals in concept of taxes, Lords and Vavassors, and were expended on:

  • Political expenses (tourneys, hosts and hostages, celebrations, etc.): 38.000d / $152.000 / 15.200 gp.
  • Assart (for the creation of new mannors): 30.000d / $120.000 / 12.000 gp.
  • Roads: 10.000d / $40.000 / 4.000 gp.
  • Other: 1.800d / $7.200 / 720 gp.

You can access to the complete information about the earldom in the following document:  Mir_Earldom.xslx (excel document).


The earldom population was the following:

  • Nobility and their retinue: 368. Nobles, servants, soldiers and crafstmen living on the households are included.
  • Peasants: 3.799. All the people working in the fields and their families are included, as well as the craftsmen of the manor villages.
  • Cities: the population of the cities is given above.


The army at the service of the Earl, with aid of all the Lords and Vavassors were the following:

  • Knights: 18.
  • Soldiers: 46.
  • Militia: 140. Militians served 75 days a year. Normally the did surveillance tasks to cover 30 permanent places, but in case of conflict all of them can be summoned.





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