The Earldom of Mir (I): Geography

In this post we will describe the territory of the earldom of Mir, that was conquered by the Laplana men to the ogres on the year 224 YK. On following posts we will describe the human geography.

The earldom of Mir was a southern earldom of Laplana. His name came from the ancient city-state before the conquest of the tantarantans. In the next map we have marked the earldom in red on the map of Laplana.

Map of Laplana with the earldom of Mir marked in red

Map of Laplana with the earldom of Mir marked in red

The more important river on the valley was the entrepas. The river was navigable between the rapids, to the west, and the waterfall, to the east. This navigable way always brought prosperity to the city, because it facilitate the commercial interaction between the swamp, to the west, and the goges lake, to the east.

Physical map of the earldom of Mir

Physical map of the earldom of Mir

To the west, the earldom was limited by the entrepas swamp, inhabited by the cocodrilians. This race of cocodrile men had a ferocious and bellicose, but the commerce with Mir was beneficial for them and, except a few punctual incidents, they had a good relationship with the mirians.

To the east, the entrepas river had a waterfall, preventing the navigation up river from this point. Over the waterfall, the entrepas received an affluent, the insectari. Both rivers formed a narrow swamp zone in their valleys, impeding their repopulation. Some kilometers to the east was situated the earldom of Infradania, and from the year 349, following the insectari valley the earldom of Almorratxa was founded.

To the north there was the enchanted forest, and on the other side the earldom of Dros. The forest had the fame of being dangerous. Tantarantans could be found (ogres, harpies and giants), and the demons encounters were frequent too. Despite this, a road was built and a few ones used it. It was an alternative to the coast road when the pirates or the tritons were very active.

To the south there was the silana forest. From the year 249 on, the earldom of Silana was conquered and became the new neighbor on the south. The silana forest was very big, and was always a source of troubles.


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