The Church of Laplana (I): Dioceses

In this post and the next will explain the structure of the church of Laplana. The explanation is inspired by the ecclesiastical structure of the Western Catholic Church, but we have simplified and standardized to facilitate the description.


The origins of the curch of Laplana are in the vitalist temples of the archaic civilization. These temples were mainly urban, with their own hierarchy. We will write about these temples in future entries.

The church of Laplana was based on these temples, but was altered by a process of going to the country and back to the cities, and a process of mixing with the religion of the woodmen.

Over time, the new church replaced the old one, and eventually make it disappear.


The following pictures explain the structure of the Diocese. You can find the entire presentation at this link:

MONTORCAN – RL02 Laplana Church: Dioceses – en


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 1


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 2


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 3


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 4


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 5


Dioceses of Laplana – Slide 6


A character in a diocese may have different goals, but certainly one of them may be go up the ladder of diocesal hierarchy diocesal. Go up from Subdeacon to Bishop can be a task of a lifetime …


In intrigue campaigns Clerics working for the Judicial Vicar can be very appropiate. In dungeon campaings a deacon with research skills can be very useful.


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