History of Laplana (and II)

This entry is a continuation of the History of Laplana (I), where we told the history of Laplana between -1000 and -200 RA. Now we will explain the history between the years 0  and 500 YK.


The year -200 AR the laplans had only a small peninsula in the north of the country, the peninsula of Antuerpia. On the year 0 YK Mars Hugbrush was crowned as King of Laplana, and started the path towards the conquest of Laplana.

The Conquest

On the second part of the history we have created a timeline between the years 0 and 500 YK, where we explain the more important events. During this period the State of Laplana was created, and occupied all the west side of Central Arqueria.

If you want to see the entire timeline, you can access to:

As a taste, you can see the first and the last images on the document.

Laplana 0 YK

Laplana 0 YK

Laplana 500 YK

Laplana 500 YK


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