History of Laplana (I)

This post is part of the campaign setting the conquest of Laplana, located on the Montorcan planet. Here we present the first part of the history of Laplana, between -1000 and -150 YK. It will be continued until 500 AR in the next entry.

The two islands

The Montorcan planet is full of islands forming archipelagoes. One of these archipelagoes is called the Arches, because of the form of its two bigger islands, Archery and Archland.

Map of the Arches Archipelago

The Arches Archipelago

Both islands were inhabited by a mixture of intelligent races: men, ogres, harpies, giants, centaurs, minotaurs… Of all these, the archaic men grew faster than the others and formed a small empire .

Invasion of the archaic

In the -1000 YK aprox. the archaic crossed the middle sea and came to Central Archery, in a state of civilization still pretty wild.

History of Central Archery -1000 YK

Central Archery -1000 YK

The Viceroyalty of Betwaters

The archaic men established a Viceroyalty with three provinces: Novaterra, Lallenca and Laplana. Years later , the sirens of the middle sea declared the war against the archaic and the two islands, Archery and Archland, were cut off , as it was impossible to cross the sea. Subsequently the city-states of Laplana declared their independence from the Viceroyalty, and this led to the war of independence.

The War of Independence

The Viceroy recruited the Tantarantana ogres for the war, but they also ended up rebelling against him. The -200 AR only the small northern peninsula of Antuerpia remained to the laplana men, and they were completely isolated from the other provinces of the Viceroyalty.

History of Central Archery -500YK-en

Central Archery -500 YK

The full story can be read in this document:

You can also access the folder containing the document and images:

Finally , you can access the editable files to edit the pictures. The files contain the text in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish, English), and were created using the software Hexographer and Photoshop:

  • Central Archery (Zip File) (Updated with the images of History of Laplana II)

In the second part of the History of Laplana explain how laplans had recovered their lands from the ogres.


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