The Montorcan Planet

This is the second entry on the Montorcan planet and The Conquest of Laplana campaign, and follows the first post on Prima universe, in which the planet is located.

Map of the Montorcan Planet

Montorcan 1

The planet has two distinctive features that make it different from the rest:

  1. Its location near the core of the galaxy makes the supernatural events have a strong influence.
  2. For some unknown reason, on this planet it has been maintained a balance of power between the different races: men, lizards, ogres, mermaids, fairies, merfolk…

The full explanation of the planet can be found in the following document (Google docs): MONTORCAN 01 – The Montorcan Planet.


About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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