Montorcan Setting: The Prima Universe

The first campaign explained in this blog will be The Conquest of Laplana. Laplana is a kingdom located on the island of Arqueria, which itself is located on the planet Montorcan I, one of the planets of Montorcan system that is part of the Spiral Galaxy, part of the Prima Universe.

The Prima Universe

The Prima Universe

In this post we will give some general hints about the history of the Prima Universe and the races that dwell therein. We said general hints because in the case of a universe, any attempt to deepen is useless. However, it is a first step that will be useful to work on the campaign we have mentioned, and others that we can create.

This approach to the description of the environment campaign is based on the methodology explained in the post the structure of the campaign settings.

Designing this universe we had a number of problems that have to be solved:

  1. To give a coherent explanation of the presence of the same race in different planets.
  2. To give a coherent explanation of the presence of different races on the same planet.
  3. To give a coherent explanation for the existence of monsters, demons, gods, spirits, magic and supernatural phenomena in general.
  4. To give a complete line of time, going beyond the time when campaigns are played in order to have a historical perspective on the events.

The result is presented in the following document:

If you wish to make corrections or suggestions, you can make comments in this same entry or on the document.


About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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