Encounter Table

In this post we propose an encounter table. In this table for each encounter we propose a series of parameters such as the situation in what is, what action is doing at that time, in what kind of terrain occurs, etc. It can become almost an adventure generator, since the results can inspire the Director to create new plots.

I will give you three examples randomly generated using this table :

  • Bordering a river the group meets a warrior of middle level and status, traveling alone because is lost. He has a friendly attitude.
  • The group meets a party of hunters of the forest. Right now they are resting at the bottom of a ravine, and show a friendly attitude.
  • The group discovers the remains of a camp with a dead man at the edge of a lake. The man is actually a werewolf, which 9 hours ago was attacked by a group of hight level warriors led by a low level priest.

This table is not a list of monsters as classified by climate or terrain type. In fact, there is not a single monster. Nor any type of terrain. Neither is related to any particular system, or a particular campaign setting.

If you want use this table, you will have to adjust it a little. If you do it, I think you it can be useful.

You can find the table in this link: FIVE JDR – S04 Encounter Table (Google Drive)

I have given permissions to comment on the document if you have suggestions for improvement, but you can also comment on this post. If you want you can make a copy, or download it and modify it. If you do, I will put the link to your version in this post.


About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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