FIVE the Roleplaying Game: Personality

For a number of reasons which I will share in another post, I stopped using the GURPS system in my games and I’ve started working on my own system. I created a general skeleton that I started to play, but I will publish here the different sections as I work on them.

Personality is actually the second chapter of the game, after the introduction and skills chapters, but it’s what I found most interesting to explain. This part of the system also can be used in any other game system with minimal adaptations.

The chapter can be found at this link: FIVE Roleplaying Game: 01 Personality.

You are free to comment on the document, and I have given permission for any person accessing the document to do so. Improvements or corrections will be incorporated in future versions of the document.

Keep in mind this is just a first version, the Beta, and surely will experience some change as you move through the playtesting .

With these rules I want to avoid two flaws of most roleplaying games:

  • First, players spend points in combat skills or magic, and neglect the social ones using their personal speaking skills to convince the master and the other players. Buying social skills it’s a waste of character points.
  • Second, the characters tend to always taking the most logical actions, based on the calculation of risks and consequences.

Therefore these rules pursue the following aims:

  • First: a social skill can be as powerful as a combat skill. Using social skills, a player can defeat another as much as if he had gone through with a sword.
  • Second, the characters will act often against the will of the player who controls them, and that will not be left completely to the interpretation of the player, but it will be done with dice rolls.

The first point is not fully realized in this chapter, but it is complemented by the chapter of interaction that I will publish soon.


About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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