Writing an introduction for our campaign scenario

In this post we want to give a guide to create the campaign scenario introduction. The function of the introduction is to give a quick overview of your scenario to a probably interested game master. You will quickly show what is the distinguishing feature of the material at hand. Furthermore, the introduction must also contain other information about practical use.

To make this post we have analyzed the introductions of several campaign scenarios and we extracted the main points.

Elements in a RPG campaign introduction

What makes it different?

When we introduce a campaign setting, we need to let it clear that we are making a new creation rather than use an existing one. We must be able to express this difference in one sentence.

Developing the difference

We already have the sentence. The reader knows what to expect. But you have to develop the idea, explain it a little better. We have several options we can use.

1. Quote: We must be able to explain what is your campaign about in one sentence.

2. Narrative: This is a narrative piece which tells a story, developing a dialogue between two fictional characters, or even in comic form.

3. Space and time parameters

4. Theme: explains the main theme of the campaign setting.


Once we’ve situated the reader, who may be interested in this environment, we must give a series of practical informations.

1. Publication history: some scenarios have a story long enough to make it worthwhile to make a brief summary.

2. What is an RPG? It is an optional part, although is incorporated in many scenarios. Aimed at beginners.

3. Target: neither is essential, but there are publishers who make books for gaming managers, and others for the players.

4. System used: explain the system to be used in the campaign. If you do not use any particular system, you also have to indicate it.

5. Use, Granularity, Collection: this section should guide the player who wants to use our scenario. We have to tell him what he’ll need to play the scenario, and what other books or preparations need before he can start playing.

6. Abbreviations, Glossary.


About Roger Trobanoms

Roleplaying Master, playing Fate Core in a Medieval fantasy setting of his own creation.
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